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Master of Global Business Administration Degree Jobs Shaping the Future of Sustainability

May 17, 2024
A business person in an urban community garden holds a model of a wind turbine.

Countries worldwide are ramping up efforts to meet the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Through a division of its Department of Economics and Social Affairs, the UN provides support and capacity-building to develop sustainable water, energy, transportation, dwellings, and urban and commercial development worldwide. The organization spotlights these efforts annually at its High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.  

The transition to a greener economy is driving green skills growth across all industries; employers increasingly seek workers with sustainability expertise. Job ads with “sustainability” in the title increased tenfold over the last decade, according to the World Economic Forum. Data from the LinkedIn 2023 Global Green Skills Report shows that job postings requiring at least one green skill grew by more than 22 percent between 2022 and 2023.  

As organizations zero in on sustainability, they demand more from leaders, who must increasingly incorporate sustainable business practices into their strategic business goals. Success in this dynamic business environment requires current and aspiring leaders to have a global perspective and sustainability expertise. 

You can develop both by earning a master’s in international business, like the online Master of Global Business Administration (GBA) from Tufts University. Continue reading to discover how a Tufts GBA can help you meet the requirements of an ever-changing global economy and prepare you to lead organizations toward sustainability.  

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Sectors to Watch: Where You Can Go with a Global Business Master’s

Accelerating green transformation requires cooperation among stakeholders in the public and private sectors. However, some industries—such as energy production, transportation, and finance—play a more pivotal role in meeting global sustainability targets. If you are passionate about sustainability and want to help lead organizations to a greener future, read on to learn about the jobs you can pursue with a global MBA or Master of Global Business Administration. 

Sustainability Jobs in Finance 

The global economic transformation to combat climate change demands significant investment in new infrastructure and innovations, like solar power facilities and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Mitigating the economic impact of natural disasters like flooding and wildfires caused by climate change will require new financial mechanisms. The financial sector will be vital in helping the world reach sustainability goals. 

According to LinkedIn’s Global Green Skills Report 2023, finance ranks high among industries with the fastest growth in green hiring, with a 17 percent increase from 2021 to 2022. Online global business programs like the Tufts GBA can help prepare you for various finance leadership roles focusing on sustainability. Examples include managing investment director of sustainable investing, vice president of sustainable finance, sustainability risk manager, and energy and sustainability financial analyst.  

Sustainability Jobs in Transportation 

The transportation sector contributes a quarter of all energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The EV industry is gaining momentum as countries seek to reduce transport-related pollution. According to the International Energy Agency, global sales of EVs doubled between 2020 and 2021, with electric car sales rising to nearly 10 percent of global car sales. Accordingly, the transportation industry is increasingly hiring workers with EV-related green skills. 

However, transitioning to EVs alone is insufficient to curb transportation-related GHG emissions sufficiently. The LinkedIn report shows a successful approach to mitigating transportation’s contribution to climate change must also include increasing the use of public transit and reducing solo car trips. 

The transportation industry needs sustainability-focused leaders and policymakers to drive these changes. As a GBA graduate, you can apply for various sustainability-focused jobs in the transportation industry, such as transportation planner, climate and sustainability manager, and sustainability officer. 

Sustainability Jobs in Energy Production 

The energy production landscape is evolving rapidly as countries and corporations transition to cleaner energy sources to meet emissions reduction targets. According to the LinkedIn report, employment in the renewable energy industry is growing worldwide; its US hiring rate has consistently surpassed the hiring rate for US oil and gas since March 2020. 

The demand for green skills exceeds renewable energy providers. LinkedIn data show renewable energy, solar energy, and power distribution among the top five skills all US utility workers added in 2022. International business degree graduates in the energy production industry can contribute to sustainability by pursuing jobs like renewable energy director, sustainability director, or renewable energy project manager.

Sustainability Skills: How a Master of International Business Prepares You for a Green Future 

Business leaders need a specific skill set to guide and implement initiatives that help companies and countries achieve sustainability goals. Sought-after skills include:

  • Strategy and innovation: Business leaders must incorporate sustainability into their business strategies and actively promote innovation and the development of sustainable technologies
  • Diplomacy: Business leaders must collaborate with other leaders to promote international cooperation on sustainability issues
  • Communication: Sustainability leaders must clearly communicate the impact of their initiatives to secure buy-in from employees and other stakeholders

Enrolling in an online global business program like the Tufts University GBA can help you acquire the skills needed to pursue sustainability-focused leadership positions.  

Tufts GBA: Sustainability-Related Courses & Experiences

The Tufts online GBA program offers a broad range of courses to help you prepare for a career in sustainability. International Strategy and Innovation can help you develop effective business approaches in complex environments, while Negotiating Leadership teaches how to collaborate with others. Sustainable Business Dynamics covers the roots and implications of climate change and resource scarcity, providing the necessary context to lead progressive, sustainable twenty-first-century organizations. 

Tufts GBA students also participate in an international immersion where they delve into a particular area’s business and geopolitical environments. This experience can be invaluable to future sustainability leaders as it can help them understand the dynamics and impact of sustainability initiatives in different regions. 

Next Steps: Apply to Tufts Online Business

For aspiring business leaders passionate about sustainability, a master’s degree can provide the knowledge and skills needed to reach your goals. Tufts University’s online Master of Global Business Administration prepares students to mitigate global business challenges and lead organizations toward success. 

Ready to take the next step? Contact an enrollment advisor to learn more about the admissions process, or start your application now.

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