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The Fletcher community, including faculty, leadership, students, and alumni, is actively engaged on the international stage as analysts and advisors for elected officials, policy makers, organizations, and industry. Read more about their ongoing research and work in global business and international affairs.

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Building "Smart Societies" – A Blueprint for Action

There are multiple archetypal journeys towards "smartness." In a world with limited resources, the ability to prioritize and identify areas of focus and forms of "smartness" that fit with each country's circumstances can prove to be essential.

“The End of Arms Control as We Know It”

Chris Miller speaks with Vox about Russia and the New START arms control agreement.

What Joe Biden’s VP Pick Will Tell Us About Joe Biden

Dan Drezner reflects on Biden's vice presidential running mate options, via his Washington Post column.

Fatalism and Vertigo During the Pandemic

Dan Drezner publishes his July 2020 pandemic diary entry, via his Washington Post column.

We Must All Talk About Gold Again Right Now!

Dan Drezner explores the dollar's reign as the world’s principal reserve currency, via his Washington Post column.

Leadership in an Age of Climate Change

Dean Rachel Kyte appears on the Cleaning Up podcast to discuss affordable and reliable energy, and how graduate schools can help address racial inequalities.

Antitrust Questions Bruise but Don’t Break Big Tech Ceos in Historic Hearing

Bhaskar Chakravorti shares his reactions to the latest big tech Congressional hearings, in a conversation with MarketWatch.