What Is a Master of Global Business Administration?

Your work doesn't stop at the border. Neither does our degree.

International complexities knock at the door of all businesses today. It is no longer enough for international business professionals to have a strong functional base in finance, strategy, marketing, or technical skills. To successfully grow in your career, you must understand how legal issues, economic trends, geopolitical shifts, and security risks can make or break a business strategy.

The Master of Global Business Administration (GBA) degree merges business and international affairs knowledge to meet the needs of this shifting global landscape. GBA students graduate prepared to tackle the complex challenges facing 21st-century leaders.

A Master of Global Business Administration vs. an MBA

MBA degree programs usually focus on traditional business skillsets, covering foundational topics like accounting, finance, marketing, and strategy. The MBA is geared toward understanding how businesses operate successfully.

Fletcher's master's in global business program builds on these MBA foundations and adds the global perspective of economics, law, security, and politics. The GBA program takes elements of an MBA and adds the critical contextual factors that impact international businesses today.

The master's in global business includes courses on topics like international law and security, which directly affect organizations in international contexts and are crucial for understanding the global landscape.

A Master of Global Business Administration vs. a Master's in International Affairs

A master's in international affairs or international relations usually takes an interdisciplinary approach to global issues, offering classes on international politics and policy, economics, law, and even history. These programs tend to blend theoretical frameworks with practical knowledge for people interested in public sector, military, and nonprofit careers.

An international business professional, however, must also be proficient in issues of management and strategy. Fletcher's master's in global business covers a broad range of global issues while still developing students' foundational management skills in strategy, finance, marketing, and management more broadly.

By understanding international business skills in a global context, graduates of the master's in global business can apply their expertise in careers across a wide range of sectors—public, private, or NGO—or the spaces between those sectors, such as social enterprise, green energy, or government relations.

Equip Yourself to Succeed with a Master of Global Business Administration

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Why Fletcher for International Business?

The online master's in global business from The Fletcher School at Tufts University will develop your contextual intelligence. That is, you will build the core business skills you would find in an MBA while understanding the contextual global elements of an international affairs master's degree.

When you pursue your degree online at Fletcher, you will connect with and learn from a cohort of like-minded international business professionals from a wide array of backgrounds and expertise.

As a student in the Master of Global Business Administration, you will connect with professionals who understand that international issues are messy, answers aren't formulaic, and careers aren't linear. You will build a rich network of connections that stretches around the world—and across the negotiating table.

You will graduate from this program with a sharpened distance vision—the ability to predict international business trends—and the skills to advance your career long after graduation.

Student Profile for the Master of Global Business Administration

The GBA program seeks out a wide range of students from diverse backgrounds. Statistics from our inaugural May 2019 cohort illustrate this diversity:


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Female students

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