GBA Student Spotlights

The online Master of Global Business Administration (GBA) program brings together a diverse group of international change-makers who are tackling the seemingly intractable challenges facing our world by using business as a tool to solve problems like climate change, economic inequality, access to healthcare, and more.

We invite you to meet some of our students and explore how their paths have led them to The Fletcher School.

Tim Chang

Investment analyst for a large U.S. bank

“I wanted to get my MBA. The GBA caught my attention—the global nature of the program will provide me a unique perspective that other programs may not.”

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Tiara Durham

Product director for a large global pharmaceutical company

“I want to master the go/no-go business decision and successfully grow products that create value for the world.”

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Leigh Juul

VP of procurement and logistics for a global technology services company

“A strength of this program is that it is not just enhancing my skill sets, but it is also making me a more critically engaged person.”

Read Leigh’s full story.

JD Kristenson

Surface warfare officer in the United States Navy

“I have spent much of my career refining my instincts and intuition, but I am looking to increase the analytical rigor of my decision-making.”

Read JD’s full story.

Kedar Kurpad

Consultant helping small businesses in Latin America achieve their goals

“I want to leverage my professional skills to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, including decarbonization and digital privacy.”

Read Kedar’s full story.

Christabell Makokha

Partnerships director at a global nonprofit design studio

“I was excited that the GBA program provided a platform to understand the underlying principles that drive social impact and sustainability.”

Read Christabell’s full story.

Bronce Perez Matos

Intergovernmental and legislative affairs official for the State of New York

“I want to expand my career into the private sector and internationally. The GBA program’s flexibility is perfect for me as a full-time public servant.”

Read Bronce’s full story.

Margaret Richardson

Chief of staff for a global development media platform

“My classmates’ perspectives helped me to further develop my own analysis and figure out what questions I needed to ask next.”

Read Margaret’s full story.

Daniel Robb

Analyst in the oil and gas industry

“I was drawn to Fletcher because I wanted to upgrade my analytical skills while complementing my existing education in public policy.”

Read Daniel’s full story.

Catherine Ternes

Senior project manager for an international nonprofit

“I knew I wanted an MBA degree and was searching for a place where my experience in the international nonprofit sector would be valued.”

Read Catherine’s full story.

Sinead Gangler

Business development for international donor organizations

“After a formative business trip to Bangkok in early 2020, I was inspired to take my career to the next level.”

Read Sinead’s full story.

Maria Cardona González

Clinical research coordinator for a startup biomedical device company

“To make a significant impact on the world, I know that I need to harness the knowledge acquired from the GBA program and apply it to my future professional career.”

Read Maria’s full story.

Elyse Clonan

International trade consultant at a large professional services firm

“Attending an institution at the forefront of international affairs such as Fletcher is something I always envisioned for myself, which is another reason why I was excited to come across the GBA program.”

Read Elyse’s full story.

Remi Ogunkayo

Chief Strategy Officer, StateCraft, Red Group

“The GBA program and the courses offered align with my interests in understanding the global economy and provide practical insights on how to build businesses to serve it.”

Read Remi’s full story.

Andrea “Dea” Chincuanco

Independent consultant for Miura Projects Corp.

“After reading about the inaugural GBA program, I immediately knew that the program’s forward-thinking, borderless, and multifaceted curriculum provided the global and innovative approach to higher education that I was searching for.”

Read Andrea’s full story.

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