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The Fletcher School banner displayed in the window of a Tufts academic building.
Are you interested in international business? A global MBA is not the only graduate degree that can boost your prospects. Consider the GBA, which adds crucial context to business principles.
A group of business people in silhouette meet in a conference room; the Hong Kong skyline is visible behind them through a large window.
Global businesses face ever-evolving economic, social, and regulatory challenges. This article covers how a global MBA can prepare future business leaders for them.
A business person in an urban community garden holds a model of a wind turbine.
Explore global sustainability issues and emerging sustainability jobs. Discover how Tufts' online Master of Global Business Administration prepares you to excel in this essential field.
Monica Duffy Toft head shot.
The Tufts online GBA program draws faculty and students from diverse professional backgrounds. These unique perspectives result in classroom engagements of unusual breadth and depth.
Sign reading "The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Founded 1933" located at the entrance to the Fletcher School
A Fletcher Global MBA extends the focus beyond business principles to the cultural, legal, and geopolitical factors that impact international commerce. Learn more about this online program.
Foreign currency bank notes, including yuan, British pounds, rupees, US dollars, and rubles.
Political, economic, cultural, and legal factors complicate international business even as they create exciting new opportunities. Dr. Monica Toft discusses the risks and potential rewards.
Businesswoman talking on a smartphone in a modern office.
Learn how a master of global business administration degree program can help you develop a global mindset and prepare for international career opportunities across sectors.
A business person working on a laptop computer looks out an office window revealing the skyline of Seoul, South Korea
You don't have to complete your GBA application alone. An enrollment advisor is available to help with the process and to answer any questions you have about the program.
Monica Duffy Toft head shot.
War, revolution, and terrorism disrupt and destabilize global markets. Understanding the forces at play in an increasingly unstable world is essential to success in international business.
A business woman and a peer discuss opportunities while studying a global map.
You are an international business professional looking to bolster your skills and expertise. Which graduate business degree is the best fit for your career goals?
A Singapore shipping terminal loaded with crates, with the Singapore skyline in the background.
The Online Master of Global Business Administration at the Fletcher School attracts an unusually diverse student body. Learn about who they are and what they bring to the classroom.
A busy South Korean shopping district at night.
The online Master of Global Business Administration combines graduate-level study in business and international affairs to prepare leaders to work across borders, sectors, and disciplines.
Intelligence is a multi-faceted, complex subject that is more nuanced than it might seem. In the same way that being “right-brained” or “left-brained” is an inaccurate conceptualization of personality types, intelligence doesn’t boil down to being “smart” or “not smart.” Rather, there are multiple ways in which an individual can be intelligent, and many of […]
Remote and hybrid work is rising in popularity in the United States, with over one-third of employees whose jobs can be done remotely choosing to work from home. This shift in the global workforce requires leaders to develop the skills necessary to lead remote and hybrid teams.  As a remote team leader, you’re responsible for […]
The chief operating officer (COO) is a critical figure within any company or organization. If you are in this executive-level position, you have several important responsibilities. In most companies, a COO is second in command to a chief executive officer (CEO) and oversees staff and day-to-day operations. Like other C-suite executives, you can only reach […]
Four business professionals working together around a laptop.
According to McKinsey’s 2022 Global Survey on AI, artificial intelligence (AI) adoption worldwide has more than doubled since 2017. Robotic process automation, computer vision, natural language processing, and virtual agents rank highest among the AI technologies that companies and institutions are embedding in their products or processes. The rapid rise of AI will have a profound […]
Networking is an incredibly powerful tool for growing your knowledge and experience, as well as for opening avenues to future opportunities. Quality networking isn’t just beneficial for helping you find a job. You can also gain new insights into your industry and learn from people who have fresh perspectives in your field. In the modern […]
Inclusion is one of the most powerful factors in the American workplace and is an essential practice for people in leadership positions. In a 2023 survey of nearly 6,000 workers, 56% of employees said that focusing on diversity and inclusion in the workplace is a good thing. Further, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are important […]
Organizations rely on supply chains to create and distribute products to consumers. A swift supply chain can be a distinct advantage over a competitor, particularly when customers prioritize fast, error-free shipments. Companies also optimize their supply chains in efforts to improve their product creation process and reduce waste. Supply chains dictate how products are planned […]
As international commerce continues to thrive, the need to swap large amounts of currency keeps growing. The trillion-dollar-per-day foreign exchange (FX) market is essential for trade between countries. For instance, the U.S. exported $323 billion in goods to Mexico and imported $475 billion from its southern neighbor. These trades require, at some point, changing U.S. […]