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Whether you are a financial expert or an international policy adviser, you can use the online Master of Global Business Administration (GBA) from the Fletcher School to build the international business expertise necessary to take you to the next level of your career.

Our program will allow you to hone your “distance vision”—anticipating trends and their influence on business well into the future. You will graduate prepared to make more informed strategy decisions, grow your business sustainably across borders, and stay ahead of global trends.


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If you conduct business across borders, you may contend with trade issues, international contracts, labor laws, supply chain complexities, and more. You understand that expanding your reach internationally can help your organization be more successful in new and nontraditional markets, accrue a broader customer base, avoid political risk, or work more effectively with foreign governments and regulations.

How Can This Degree Help You?

Our online master’s will build your core business capabilities in finance and strategy and educate you on the factors that affect cross-border commerce. By building your knowledge about topics such as political instability, security issues, and energy policy, our GBA will help you make more informed decisions, innovate strategically, and grow your business.


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Your career has focused on advancing the public good. You might work on issues related to human rights, economic development, food security, or climate change. You understand that effecting change in the world is complex and deliberate, and involves working across sectors.

How Can This Degree Help You?

Whether you want to launch your own social enterprise or increase the impact of a large NGO, the GBA will help you build the expertise to do so. The program will prepare you to contend with and understand all sides of an issue no matter who is on the other side of the negotiating table—government, business, or NGO.


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You understand that consulting careers demand agility, a strong analytical background, a broad knowledge of global issues, and foundational business knowledge. You may perform consulting work within a corporation or a consulting firm.

How Can This Degree Help You?

Our GBA can help you bring your organization—and career—to the next level by exposing you to the broad-based strategic issues you might face both inside and outside the company. Whether you face issues of political risk, social impact, or strategy and innovation, our degree will help you build both the concrete analytical skills and deep international affairs knowledge to stand out in your field.

Explore how the GBA prepares you to succeed in different types of consulting roles.


It’s time to move your global business career forward.

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Markets are volatile, trends move quickly, and there is a wide array of factors that impact financial transactions across the world. You have a strong background in finance, and you understand that as your career progresses, your skill set needs to be supplemented by a broader understanding of what factors affect international financial flows—and how you should address them.

How Can This Degree Help You?

This degree can help you refine your core finance skills while helping you understand the macroeconomic, policy, regulatory, and legal factors that influence markets internationally. You will learn how to work with finance professionals from other sectors who approach finance from difference perspectives. From public finance, to corporate finance, to impact investing, we can help move your finance career in new directions.

Explore how the GBA prepares you to succeed in different types of finance careers.


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You have spent your career in public service, and you want to build skills that will be applicable in the future—whether you remain in the public sector or not. You may work in diplomacy, intelligence, policy, or the military. You may be a veteran. Regardless of the branch, you have built expertise in a complex organization and understand that the messy realities of service demand strong management skills and knowledge of real-world issues.

How Can This Degree Help You?

This degree can help you build the leadership, strategic decision-making, and management skill set to effectively mediate conflict, manage large teams, and build effective policy. Our online master’s will also help you understand the underpinnings of policy, security, law, and economics that affect your day-to-day work.


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Building a foundational business skill set and learning to apply it on an international level can benefit professionals across sectors and industries. As technology allows us to increasingly expand our reach across the world, an understanding of how to make decisions with a global perspective is critical to staying at the forefront of international affairs.

How Can This Degree Help You?

By cultivating a foundation in global business, you will be able to broaden your understanding of the complex issues facing today’s international leaders. Our online degree allows you to join the Fletcher alumni network, a group of accomplished professionals driving change worldwide. You will learn from your peers’ varied perspectives and build a network you can leverage long after graduation.

Explore how the GBA prepares you to succeed in different types of international relations careers.


The Fletcher School has helped launch students into a wide array of distinguished careers and positions of influence. In the online GBA program, you will receive dedicated support to help reach your career goals. The resources we offer include:

Fletcher Career Central

Fletcher’s private and proprietary site, Fletcher Career Central (FCC), will help you manage job searches, build your network, and hone job search skills. FCC is password-protected to ensure access is only available to Fletcher students and alumni. Along with the Tufts Alumni Database, it contains:

  • Job listings
  • An employer contact database
  • A peer search tool
  • Alumni job and contact information for networking
  • A resume review tool
  • A mock interviewing tool

Alumni Network and Services

Fletcher’s 8,000+ alumni are innovative problem-solvers driving the future of global business around the world today. To help current students and recent graduates stay connected with our accomplished network, we provide:

  • Networking events
  • Panel speakers
  • Career guidance
  • Site visits

How Can Fletcher Help Advance Your Career?

Request information and an enrollment advisor will reach out to discuss your career goals.