Student Experience

As a global business professional, you need to be prepared to work fluidly across sectors, geographies, and platforms. Our online Master of Global Business Administration (GBA) is designed to prepare you to navigate through these different worlds. With our online master's, you can:

Work across sectors. Our diverse network of students will help you understand the language and motivations that drive a variety of different disciplines. We hope to push you out of your comfort zone and expand and enrich your perspective on the issues we study.

Work across geographies. Our international focus is absolute. We bring the global business study experience alive through case studies, an international immersion, and an online platform that draws students from around the world.

Work across platforms. Our GBA will allow you to master the online, in-person, and written communication skills that are the foundation of professional life today. Through multimedia course work, presentations, and the final capstone project, you will hone your ability to work flexibly and communicate effectively—regardless of the medium.

The Online Campus Experience

At Fletcher, we understand that a rich professional network is crucial to build a vibrant professional career—but it takes time, skill, and shared experience to establish that network. Our online campus removes the uncertainty from the networking equation by hosting a robust and active online campus to foster real, lasting connections.

As an online student, you will interact face-to-face with faculty and peers in real time through our online classes, which are delivered on a videoconferencing platform. You will cultivate connections with your cohort by participating in case discussions, debating global politics, and working through challenging problem sets.

Outside of class, you will continue to work with your peers virtually in study groups and group projects, and in person during your immersions and networking events. By working with students from around the world, you will enhance your ability to work across borders, disciplines, and ideologies.

20:1 student-to-faculty ratio: Small classes allow you to fully engage with peers and faculty—and build a strong network of diverse professionals.

Self-paced course work: You will complete course work on your own schedule prior to live online classes with our professionally produced video lectures.

Mobile app: Our app allows you to access, download, and submit assignments regardless of location or connectivity.

Experiential Course Content

Our global business program is designed for working professionals who need to cultivate leadership skills they can apply to their businesses right away. Through video case studies, group work, and interactive Q&A sessions, you will learn how to discuss, work through, and apply your learnings in real-life situations.

All content is also accessible through our online platform from any device.


Our GBA program features two required immersions: one on the Tufts University campus in Boston and another in an international location selected for each cohort.

Immersions give you the opportunity to:

Meet your peers in-person and solidify your global network. Build hands-on skills you can use in real-life situations.

Build your global understanding by experiencing the business and economic environment of a key international city

Connect with the global business community in Boston, which is one of the fastest-growing startup hubs in the US.1

Upcoming International Immersion Locations

International immersions are held in relevant locations during each cohort in Asia, Europe, or Latin America. See our next GBA immersion locations below.

Mexico City, May 2020

We are excited to introduce students to Mexico City's vibrant and complex business environment. Mexico's economy, the second largest in Latin America, is influenced by a wide range of contextual factors such as sweeping economic reforms, privatization, trade issues, and volatility in the energy and manufacturing industries.

Growth areas such as the innovation economy and social entrepreneurship make Mexico a fascinating case study for international business students.

GBA students will spend five days in Mexico City, participating in panel discussions, site visits, networking events, social and cultural events, and a culminating group project. Students will expand their network by interacting with fellow students, Fletcher School alumni in Mexico, and key actors in Mexico's economic, political, and business spheres. Fletcher alumni hold senior leadership positions across sectors in settings such as:

  • The Mexican government
  • The U.S. and other foreign governments in Mexico
  • Bancomext, a state-owned bank and export credit agency
  • International corporations such as Shell Oil, ExxonMobil, Fundación Televisa, Aon, and Moody's

WeWork Membership

As a student, you will receive a WeWork Global Access membership. This includes access to all of the WeWork offices and co-working locations across the globe. Amenities include workstations, Wi-Fi, printing and copying, private phone booths, and on-site support staff.

WeWork spaces provide quiet study spaces, meeting places for group projects or networking, and access to a community of like-minded professionals.

Student Support

To ensure that the GBA experience is seamless and that you receive the support you need, our student services are robust.

Technical Resources

When you request information about our program, you are assigned a dedicated admissions counselor who can answer questions about the application process, arrange tours of our online classroom, and help you get acquainted with our online campus.

Once you enroll, our technical support advisers are available 24/7 via phone, e-mail, and live chat for troubleshooting and to ensure access to the online platform.

Academic and Career Resources

Upon enrollment, you will be paired with a dedicated student support adviser to discuss expectations and goals for the program. Throughout your tenure as a GBA student, your adviser will assist with course planning and workload balance. He or she will serve as a first contact point.

Our GBA professors also serve as accessible resources to help guide you in matters both inside and outside the classroom. 

On-Campus Graduation

All online students are invited to walk at Tufts' on-campus graduation ceremony, held every May in Boston. This celebration, which is scheduled the same weekend as our alumni reunion, solidifies your connection to the Fletcher community.

What's Next?

If you're ready to take the next step in giving your career an edge in the global market, request information today.