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Beyond Balance Sheets

February 20, 2023

Beyond Balance Sheets is a journey.  It is designed to follow, and also to fully complement, Corporate Finance in Global Financial Markets, while fulfilling two discrete goals.  The first of these is to provide a review, and then an opportunity for deeper reflection and analysis of selected themes in corporate financial accounting as these specifically impact the risk and so the value of firms.  The second goal is to extend the accounting paradigm to financial institutions and markets through a balance sheet “lens” to examine the role and functioning of these institutions as key components of the global finance system.  As designed the course is organized into two discrete “halves”, the first consisting of five sessions culminating in the mid-term and focusing on themes such as advance accounting concepts, capital structure and corporate distribution policy, derivative securities, and forensic accounting.  The second half is centered on financial institutions such as central banks, commercial banks, bond markets, pension funds, investment management companies, and private equity and venture capital firms.