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February 23, 2023

Analyst in the oil and gas industry

Bethel Park, PA

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
In my role as an analyst in the oil and gas industry, I am responsible for providing economic analyses and capacity planning for natural gas pipeline systems. Prior to enrolling in the GBA program, I attended the University of Pittsburgh, where I received a bachelor’s in business administration and a Master of Public Policy.

What drew you to the GBA program?
I was drawn to Fletcher because I wanted to upgrade my analytical skills through an MBA program while also complementing my existing education in public policy. As an analyst, I am interested in the intersection of business, politics, and public policy in the energy industry, and The Fletcher School is the ideal place to study this intersection.

What is one course that has been instrumental in helping you to achieve your current professional goals?
Professor Gideon’s course on Decision Analysis was instrumental in improving my analytical skills. Learning new techniques to build models and analytical tricks to simplify and solve complex issues has immediately helped me on the job.

Which course has been your favorite thus far and why?
My favorite course thus far is International Security. On a personal level, I love reading about history and the current events discussed in class. Professionally, the course provides a framework for how wars begin, which has given me a better perspective on political and country risk as it pertains to international business.

What is your advice on how to foster relationships in an online program?
Since there are time constraints during class, the best way to foster relationships with other students is to create informal study groups. Additionally, it is important to introduce yourself to the faculty and attend office hours frequently, forming connections outside of the live sessions.

What was one of your favorite international experiences?
One of my favorite international experiences was a two-week hiking trip through the Himalayas to Everest base camp. The trip was challenging, with bitterly cold weather and altitude sickness, but I made friends from around the world and it was an incredible experience. I would definitely do it all again.

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