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Need Help With Your GBA Application? Contact an Enrollment Advisor

April 19, 2024
A business person working on a laptop computer looks out an office window revealing the skyline of Seoul, South Korea

Are you interested in an immersive global business learning experience that delivers in-depth, graduate-level study through recorded and live online sessions and in-person immersions? If so, an Online Master of Global Business Administration (GBA) degree could be right for you. 

The Fletcher School at Tufts University offers an Online GBA that goes beyond a global MBA in preparing future international leaders. Designed for experienced professionals who recognize that international business success requires contextual knowledge, the Online GBA educates students in applying business principles to public and social sector work. Its cross-disciplinary curriculum relates to diverse fields like social enterprise, impact investing, NGO management, and development banking. 

The first step to enrolling in Tufts’ flexible online program is to apply for admission. As you work on your application, you will likely have questions; when you do, you can contact an enrollment advisor to discuss program and application details and provide guidance on how to put your best foot forward in your application. Read on to learn more.

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What Is an Enrollment Advisor?

An enrollment advisor (EA) is your primary point of contact as you embark on your new educational journey. At Tufts, enrollment advisors are dedicated to specific programs, meaning your enrollment advisor will know the ins and outs of the Online GBA academic program as well as its admissions and enrollment processes. They host virtual events that you can attend to learn more about Tufts programs, and they are available for one-on-one conversations to answer any questions you have. 

Explore the Benefits of One-on-One Application Support

Working with an enrollment advisor can provide direct support throughout the application process. Do you have a question about the application requirements? Maybe you’re curious about the type of candidates the admissions team seeks or want to learn more about the GBA program’s two in-person immersions. Enrollment advisors are ready to answer any questions on these topics and more. They help demystify the application process and ensure you understand program experiences and expectations. This is really good

Individualized Guidance 

Enrolling in a graduation program requires significant financial and time commitments. Tufts offers the Online GBA in part-time (24 months) and full-time (16 months) tracks to allow more adaptability to fit your schedule and budget. Enrollment advisors can help you decide which option works best for you. They can also provide context ahead of your classes so you can know what to expect from coursework and the online learning environment

Comprehensive Application Support

The Online GBA program offers several start dates per year. The program is intentional with cohorts to ensure that the student body represents a range of personal, professional, and academic backgrounds. In that way, all benefit from sharing diverse perspectives and real-world knowledge. 

Applicants must submit an online application, résumé, transcripts, two essays, two to four letters of recommendation, and an application fee. Non-native English speakers must submit proof of language proficiency; applicants may submit GRE or GMAT scores but are not required to.

Your enrollment advisor can provide support when you need clarification on an application component or have questions about the committee review process. Schedule a meeting with your EA to discuss any questions you have.

Time Management Assistance 

As a professional or emerging leader, you likely have a busy schedule. An enrollment advisor can help you create a timeline to help make sure you stay on track to submit your application correctly and on time. They will also help ensure you are ready for your first semester and can advise you on how to prepare for success in your classes.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Expertise

Tufts’ Online GBA is an investment in your professional future. Options to help you fund your education include scholarships, employee sponsorship, military education benefits, and loans. Your enrollment advisor can help you identify these resources. 

Take the Next Step: Schedule an Application Walkthrough

Navigating the application process for a graduate program can feel overwhelming to some, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember: you are not alone in this process. If you’re ready to develop your core business competencies and understand the international factors that affect organizations, it’s time to reach out. Schedule an appointment with an enrollment advisor today so you can be a prepared global leader tomorrow. 

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