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A chart showing digital readiness rankings
The digitization of business has long been a key feature of advancing economies, but the COVID-19 pandemic is making this transition more than just an asset. It’s now a vital building block for a flexible and socially distant economy; however, countries had virtually no time to prepare.
Fletcher students compete in Tufts $100K New Ventures Competition.
Tufts GBA Student Tim Chang
“I wanted to get my MBA. The GBA caught my attention—the global nature of the program will provide me a unique perspective that other programs may not.”
Tufts GBA student Tiara Durham
“I want to master the go/no-go business decision and successfully grow products that create value for the world.”
Tufts GBA student Leigh Juul
“A strength of this program is that it is not just enhancing my skill sets, but it is also making me a more critically engaged person.”
Tufts GBA student JD Kristenson
“I have spent much of my career refining my instincts and intuition, but I am looking to increase the analytical rigor of my decision-making.”
Tufts GBA student Kedar Kurpad
“I want to leverage my professional skills to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, including decarbonization and digital privacy.”
Tufts GBA student Christabell Makokha
“I was excited that the GBA program provided a platform to understand the underlying principles that drive social impact and sustainability.”
Tufts GBA student Bronce Perez Matos
“I want to expand my career into the private sector and internationally. The GBA program’s flexibility is perfect for me as a full-time public servant.”
Tufts GBA student Margaret Richardson
“My classmates’ perspectives helped me to further develop my own analysis and figure out what questions I needed to ask next.”