Divya Chandra

Finance Instructor

Divya Singhal Chandra is a Finance Instructor for the course ‘Corporate Finance in Global Financial Markets’ in the GBA program working with Professors Laurent Jacque and Pat Schena. She is also contributing towards development of a new course in ‘Financial Accounting Applications in International Corporate Finance’.

Divya is a recent graduate from the Master of International Business program at the Fletcher School where she studied as an Emerging Markets Scholar. Divya focused her studies on finance and social impact through course work on international financial management, global investment management, econometric evaluation as well as growth and innovation strategies for social impact businesses. Divya has research interests in measuring corporate performance alongside social impact and has contributed to the research of the ‘Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative’ at the Harvard Business School developing social impact screens. She also worked on Private Equity strategies in Impact investing with the Omidyar Tufts Microfinance Fund at Tufts University Investment Office. She co-led the Fletcher Finance Club and represented the school in the CFA Research and Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge.

In her corporate career, Divya worked internationally with Barclays Bank in UAE and Singapore as a Regional Credit Manager independently sanctioning commercial credit across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Prior to Barclays, she provided financial and policy advisory services at CRISIL (an S&P Global Company) and assurance-based services at KPMG in India. In addition to her recent Masters, Divya is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Bachelor of Commerce from Sydenham College of Economics in India.